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With the silence broken, I could hear someone moaning from the backseat. I realized the bang had caused more damage than I could have imagined and my girls were hurt too. Alright that moaning was one of my girls. Then came a voice, “What happened?” Good I had two girls accounted for so far. “Somebody help me,” a third voice screamed. I was sure the three girls in the back seat were okay. I was missing a voice. I was missing one voice. Whose voice was I missing? I needed to hear four voices. I was positive the first three voices came from the backseat. I was sure of that now because I could hear them talking. I wanted to help them but I was unable to speak. The one voice I needed to hear the most was silent. Where was she? I was trying to recall our route. I knew I had four girls in my car when we left Whistler. We had not stopped anywhere after we left Whistler. So there was not a chance for anyone to switch cars. Where was my fourth voice? My face was planted in the airbag but it was turned slightly to the left. I could see very little and I was unable to lift my head to get a different view. Then, out of the corner of my left eye, I could see my Savanna. She was out of the car and leaning against the concrete barrier, hand to her forehead.

A Little About Nancy

Nancy Smith

On June 26, 2008 Nancy was returning from Whistler Mountain with her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop. She was involved in a head on collision with a commercial truck near Lyon’s Bay, just outside Vancouver Canada. The front driver’s side of the car absorbed much of the impact leaving Nancy with a C3-C5 spinal cord injury. She was air lifted from the scene in grave condition. 

Nancy Smith, Author

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